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Here is a super list of great URL links for guitarists and guitar enthusiasts.

Online Full-Blown Music Stores
URL Link Description
musiciansfriend.com Buy guitars and other great music gear online at Musician's Friend!
americanmusical.com Buy guitars and other great music gear online at American Musical Supply!
Guitar Magazines
URL Link Description
guitarplayer.com Guitar Player Magazine
vintageguitar.com Vintage Guitar Magazine
Specialty and Vintage Guitar Dealers
URL Link Description
guitargalleria.com Guitar Galleria
wildwestguitars.com Wild West Guitars
glguitars.com G&L Guitars - Guitars by Leo
americanguitarboutique.com American Guitar Boutique
Guitar Amplifiers
URL Link Description
crateamps.com Crate Amplifiers
fender.com/products Fender Amplifiers
line6.com Line6 Amplifiers
marshallamps.com Marshall Amplifiers
savageamps.com Savage Amplifiers
Guitar Accessories
URL Link Description
JKLutherie.com Books, Videos & DVDs for the Guitarist
tonebone.com Tone Bone Stomp Boxes
Software for Guitarists
URL Link Description
cakewalk.com/guitarist.asp Cakewalk Software for Guitarists
pgmusic.com Powertracks Pro - Easy to Use Sequencing Software - Great for Live Accompaniment - Also Band in a Box - Very inexpensive!
Other Great Links
URL Link Description
drunkdriverinfo.com Drunk Driver Info - Great Site for an Alternative Point of View on Drunk Driving Laws